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Your special little one means so very much to me. If I am shipping this precious puppy to you, then I cannot give you all the things that I give with my puppies. When you come and pick up your puppy, we talk about all the important things that your puppy needs and I give you tips on housebreaking and training your puppy.

The following things are also included with the home visit. I give you a collar, blanket, toy, food, chews, and sometimes more.With every puppy comes a two-year health guarantee and shot records. The puppy will also be micro chipped. Your puppy will have been wormed every two weeks from two weeks of age. He/she will have been given a NeoPar-parvo shot. The first puppy shot will be given before he/she leaves at 8 weeks of age. Two more puppy shots are required spaced 3 to 4 weeks apart from the first puppy shot and each one there after.Ear cropping is available for an additional $100. Ear cropping is not guaranteed.

Please read all the information provided to you on this website. It is very important. I have made every attempt to educate you on important matters. Many I have acquired in my 40 years of raising schnauzers.




Puppies can be shipped with a direct flight from Houston to your major airport. I use United Airlines because they are set up for pets and have a direct flight to most major airports.

You have two choices:

1)You can either ship through United’s Quick Pak Counter (as cargo) which will cost $350, all charges and carrier included for puppies that are under 5 pounds upon shipping date. A little more is required for pups 5 pounds or more($50 more), or for two puppies in one crate ($150 more). This method of shipping must be paid for along with the price of the puppy prior to any arranged shipping date.

2)Third option, you can always pick up the puppy in person. If advance airplane tickets are required on your part, you must wait to get your pup (& making the arrangements), till pup is 8 weeks old. Airline tickets are your sole responsibility and are non refundable. Additional charges may apply for puppies kept by myself after the 8 week period.

When shipping more than one puppy, the combined shipping cost ($350 per pup) can be considerably less. Puppies must be 8 weeks old to ship. Puppies under 2 pounds must wait till I feel that the puppy is mature enough to make the journey. I no longer allow these tiny ones to go as cargo on these flights until they are mature enough to handle the stress.

When the puppy has to be shipped, all amounts owed for the pup and shipping must be paid by the time the pup is six weeks old. Any delay in doing so could delay the shipping date for your pup. Should you delay shipping your pup till after the pup is 10 weeks old, boarding fees ($6 per day) and expenses for shots and wormings may apply. Note: Boarding is not an option that I do eagerly. I am not in the boarding business. Delays in shipping can also cause your puppy to go over the weight limit for a cheaper shipping amount. An increase in your shipping fee could apply.

For those who do not want their puppy placed in cargo or for puppies too small to ship in cargo, there is an option available to you. For a reasonable service fee per puppy, the puppy can be hand carried and delivered to your closest airport for you to meet and pick up your puppy. This is subject to availability and is non-refundable. This fee must also be paid in advance at least two weeks prior to shipping. No arrangements can be made till the fee is paid in full.

Shipping charges are non-refundable and are not included in the Health Guarantee.

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