The Boys!

White miniature schnauzer named Mannie

Mannie “Music Maker’s Wild Thing”

Mannie is a white boy and weighs 6.5 pounds. Makes beautiful babies.

Grey and white miniature schnauzer named Jammer

Jammer “Music Maker’s He’s a Bad Mama Jama”

Jammer is also a mama’s boy.  He weighs 6.6 pounds and is a liver pepper parti.  He is mega coated with striking amber eyes.  Makes some of the most gorgeous babies.

Brodie “Music Maker’s Rhinestone Cowboy”

Brodie is a very special little boy.  He is attached to his mama, Me, at the heal.  He is a dark, mega coated, liver and tan that weighs 5.5 pounds.


Javier is a gorgeous liver and tan.  He weighs approx. 7 pounds.

Flash “Music Maker’s Jumpin Jack Flash”

Flash is a mega coated dark black teacup boy. He weighs 4 pounds and is full of himself, LOL. He loves his mama. Guards me from the others and pulls on my skirt tail to keep me to himself. Gotta love him.

Jonesy is a Chocolate Teacup Schnauzer in Cleveland, TX


Jonesy is a dark chocolate parti. He weighs 6 pounds. He belongs to Lonestar FArms, but his grandpa is my Paulie, “Music Makers Can’t Get Enough of YR Love”

Paulie “Music Maker’s I Can’t Get Enough of Yr Love”

Paulie is a dark chocolate mega coated boy. He is sweet as they come. Loves his mama and loves the girls. LOL Paulie is 6.5 pounds. He produces lots of toy and teacup sizes.


Smokey is a gorgeous salt and pepper (silver) mega coated boy. He weighs 8 pounds.

The Girls!


Autumn is a gorgeous mega coated light chocolate (liver pepper) mom.  She weighs 12 pounds.


Zena is a beautiful flashy black and silver girl. Her babies reflect her sweetness

Gumi Matsi

Gumi (Goome), is a 6.5 pound chocolate parti. She is so loving and sweet. Best mama in the world. Her name, Gumi Matsi, means gummy bear. She is really that cute.