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The Parti color schnauzer is one of my favorite. They have a white body with a black, liver, or salt & pepper mask covering the face. Then there are a variety of spots in the same color decorating the body.

The following pictures are of dogs and puppies that are not available.

Here are two of my precious parti girls.

Above is Olivia.  She is a liver (chocolate) and white parti color.  Absolutely gorgeous dog.  She weighs exactly 10 pounds.

More Black & White partis.
Soooo Cute!! 

Kisses is a chocolate (liver) parti girl. 

Bon Jovi is a liver pepper parti. 

Another beautiful Parti

Samantha, above is a black and white parti color.  She is the boss. 

This gif as were all of the schnauzer gifs on my site,
 was designed solely for myself
by Cathy Tarlton.  Should you see it on anyone
else's site, it was stolen.

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